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While there are infinitesimally tiny ways to break it down, there's still no two ways about it: Calculus isn't the easiest subject to wrap one's head around. It may not be rocket science (although without Calculus we'd never have been able to build rocket ships, much less land them on the moon)...and unless you're an economist, an engineer, or a scientist, Calculus probably isn't going to come up at the water cooler. So why bother with a Calculus textbook rental? You've already survived Algebra, Geometry, and Trigonometry. Sure, Calculus is simply the next step, but it offers more than the static approaches that came before. This is your chance to navigate infinite possibilities of motion and change. And while learning to calculate motion won't improve your dance moves, your chances of landing a swingin' job at NASA will move from zero toward infinity when you rent a Calculus textbook.

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Pre-Calculus by National Network of Digital... ISBN: 9781943303687
Pre-Calculus (Preliminary Edition) by Woody, Brian ISBN: 9781634876483
Pre-Calculus (First Edition) by Woody, Brian ISBN: 9781634876490
Descartes to Newton: a Mentor's Pre-High School Calculus Program by Warren, Alexander ISBN: 9781508551027 List Price: $30.00
Pre-calculus Mathematics Teacher's Annotated Edition by Hawkinson, Sachs Crosswhite ISBN: 9780675059053
Pre-Calculus and SAT Lecture Notes Vol. 2 : SAT Math Preparation and Precalculus Vol. 2 by Korsunsky, Rita ISBN: 9781514711705 List Price: $24.99
Course Refresher: Pre-Calculus (The Course Refresher) (Volume 3) by Tullis, Jonathan, Jonathan ... ISBN: 9781515176961 List Price: $9.99
Tutor in a Book Pre-Calculus by Books, Noah ISBN: 9781514657683 List Price: $28.49
Pre-Calculus for Dummies by Chadwick, Maddison ISBN: 9781517112929 List Price: $12.99
Pre-Calculus Study Guide : 2015 by Ras, Noah ISBN: 9781514306048 List Price: $35.00
Instructional Texts Pre-Calculus Read It by Lincoln Learning Solutions ISBN: 9781683793304
Instructional Texts Pre-Calculus Show It by Lincoln Learning Solutions ISBN: 9781683793311
Instructional Texts Pre-Calculus Worksheets by Lincoln Learning Solutions ISBN: 9781683793328
Pre-Calculus by Design by Chris Fathauer ISBN: 9780984604272
Pre-Calculus - A Classical Approach (Volume 2) by Mr. Martin I OHara M.Ed. ISBN: 9781536894226 List Price: $40.00
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